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Gaza e-Busienss

Gaza e-Business is an initiative to promote crowdfunding as a method to garner funds for social, educational and business entrepreneurial projects in Gaza as practical coursework of e-Business course. Over three years, the initiative has helped launch 20+ ideas that use e-Business channels to promote their products and services, and crowdfunding as a channel for supporting each project. The campaigners are students who aim to get funding to develop prototypes for their projects and then launch startups to benefit themselves and other community members.

The initiative has led many successful efforts as some students continued working on their ideas after the course was over. Many of the campaigns got interest from local and international media outlets, investors, companies, and individuals. Furthermore, projects were featured on a multitude of local, regional and international media outlets including:

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 — Campaigns From Cohort 3 (Sep, 2016) —

Kanaan Kanaan -A Digital Record for Palestinian Cultural and Natural Heritage

Kanaan hopes to be a digital record of all cultural and natural heritage on Palestinian soil through a joint effort between the relevant institutions.

Trampoline Trampoline4Gaza- Children Psychological Comfort

To ensure a permanent source of joyfulness to children, this team noticed a big demand from children towards a Trampoline for playing.  It offers kids and even adults alike unrivaled high flying fun, where the team intends to ensure many trampolines to children in the most devastated neighborhoods in Gaza Strip.

Heritage Heritage Exhibition of Historical Landmarks

The campaign is looking forward to organize an exhibition showing  historical places that need rehabilitation to be sustained in Gaza as a step to create sustainable historical landmarks that can increase the number of tourists who are interested on these side.

Food  Excite your sense

The economic and political conditions in Palestine & Gaza Strip and the unemployment which affect graduates are the main reasons behind the idea of starting this private project using the team’s skills and abilities in order to exploit the resources and time. “Food Mania” starts from the need of working women to make meals and thus offering fresh healthy, and safe food to the public.

Food Taste Sweet

It is a new generation of food making in Gaza that makes fast food like : crepe and hot dog . The team loves making  Arabic food like : Shawerma , Mosakhan in addition to the western hot dog and crepe , thus the idea is in a way to utilize this ability and convey it to business .

home maintenance  Gaza Office for home maintenance

The project is a household maintenance office for different maintenance services in houses and administrative apartments such as the installation and maintenance of conditioners, plumbing, electricity, disassembly and home plasma screens.

 — Campaigns From Cohort 2 (Jun, 2015) —

Kidpreneurs camp Gaza Kidpreneurs camp

Three recent grads who want to give Gaza’s kids a chance to think in creatively and create innovative ideas, discover their hidden abilities and talents at an early age. They believe that Gazan kids can do amazing things, despite the difficult lives they experience.

Smile Smile

Four young entrepreneur were joined by a common hobby and deep intent to see smiles of children of Gaza. So, they decided to take an action and establish their own project “Smile”, which is an entrepreneurial project which was created to make modern artistic works. Such works include modern portrays, handmade crafts and gifts.

Biotutacide The First Bio-pesticide in Gaza Strip

Biotutacideis a biological alternative to chemical pesticides that employs “Beauveria bassiana” fungus to control tomato pest “Tuta absoluta” and eliminate it.It is the result of over two years of research and development, and feedback from many farmers.

PIPO PIPO Positive In Positive Out

Life is about choices so you should choose the best map of your life which is supported by energy that leads to a harmonic and happy life towards success and achievements; a spatial map that carries an implicit message of what you need, what you seek for, and what you really want to exist in your own world, through this map you can contact with your own universe and attract the life events that you want!


English Language Club (ELC) provides a special practical environment to help ambitious university students, graduates and interested people for the purpose of using it locally and internationally with so suitable fees.

Golden Lab Extracting Silver from X-ray Scans

Extracting silver from wastes(x-ray images) in Palestine /Gaza to protect environment from pollution (chemical wastes), provide silver ingots through extraction process and reuse x-ray paper (Images) as transparent covers in library.

Gladness Gladness

A special coffee shop in Gaza for women, serving Japanese, Mexican and Western meals, juices and pastries favorite to the customers

Acmelight Paint Gaza is glowing in the Dark by Acmelight Paint

The  project presents  solutions  for the Power Cuts problem  in Gaza Strip as, by using  Glowing in the dark paints, which show to people the road  directions and  exits , where to enter and how to behave in emergencies.

Madarek Madarek Production

It is an educational production in the fields of media, arts, and designs. Madarek focuses on children in order to build them and create their own future in a complete environment.


The application of smart phone nomination the cheapest communication SIM Cards available from the phone user based on the identity of the contact chip.

Food Taste Our Food

“Since I was young, cooking was my passion. Gradually, my talent grew, and I really fell in love with the Arabic and Palestinian kitchen. I began to take cooking courses and became proficient in all aspects of cooking and I started to give my friends a variety of sweets as gifts for all of their special occasions. They loved it and were amazed at what I had made for them. Some of them suggested that I open my own business because of my talent in cooking”.

Your show You Show

Simply, the idea is to launch a video platform that’s interested in publishing, sharing and adopting success culture through hosting videos that contain success stories talents and short movies that have a positive idea.

Zaki Zaki: Make Yourself a Chef in Minutes

“Zaki app” offers recipes for Arabian & western foods using common and easy to obtain ingredients, and offers a clear guide to help our customers prepare delicious dishes from around the world.

 — Campaigns From Cohort 1 (Jun, 2014) —

Rose Rose for Handmade Palestinian embroiders

A group of entrepreneurs who produce handmade jewelry and accessories including “earring, necklace, ring … else” .Rose products combine tradition and modernity, also feature a unique design with use manual embroidery.

Magic touch Magic Touch

Entrepreneurs who have decided to spend their leisure time creating handmade products like embroideries and  accessories, and thus came up with an idea to establish a small handmade association ,which holds the name of Magic Touch.

Kandoosh Gallery Kandoosh Gallery

In the life of every one of us there are many, many occasions and special days where we hope to be a unique and wonderful. We can help you make your event look ten times better through preparing gifts for your party.

Student Advisory – Gaza Student Advisory – Gaza

Our website will provide high school students with some strategies and tools for looking at how they fit best in majors and careers. The project will help them to look at their interests, skill areas, and values

GPSR GPSR: New concept for a reminder

A group of young motivated entrepreneurs seeking to develop a new application to make life easier. GPSR is mobile application to remember things that’s you need when you go to any place, depending on GPS.

Facebook tips Facebook: tips and tricks

This campaign offers creative and professional videos and documents tutorials which help beginners to drive quickly and safely on Facebook.

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