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Rafat Abushaban

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Creating the E-Business (DPEN 3304)
Class of 2016

Summary: Nowadays, most businesses depend on the internet to some degree in their operations. Indeed, any established or aspiring entrepreneur needs to understand E-Business to thrive, not to mention survive, in today’s fast-moving connected world. E-Business should be dealt with uniquely in places like Palestine where it has a great potential to boost business success, but in the same time holds the risk to become a liability on the business if not planned carefully. This module presents an introduction on what E-Business is about and lays the grounding for understanding its strategies, methods and tools.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  1. The Principles of E-Business models, the context and infrastructure that enables (and constrains) them.
  2. Components, applications and the strategy that coheres E-Businesses.
  3. The role of e-Business ideas and strategies as components in existing businesses.
  4. How to go about creating own e-Business, determining an appropriate e-business model and considering risks such as security.


Module Structure

The module is taught in the following parts:

  • Part A- Foundations of E-Business (10 Hrs)
    Its fundamentals, environment and infrastructure Key terms: E-environment, E-tailing, Internet Consumers, B2B, B2C, B2B2C
  • Part B- Strategy and Components (10 Hrs)
    Linking E-Business to other business components Key terms: E-business strategy, E-channels strategy, Online Value Proposition
  • Part C- Applications (4 Hrs)
    Key terms: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, M-Commerce
  • Part D- Implementing an E-Business (Project- 6 Hrs)
    Applying what was learned


The assessment breakdown for the course will be:

Coursework assignments20 %
Written Exam35%

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