Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated: Friday 26th Aug, 2022

 Q. How to download files from Riable?  A.When you want to download any file from the Riable platform, you will be asked to join our mailing list. Once you have filled out your information correctly, you will receive a download link to the file via email.
 Q. How many files can I request at a time?  A.Downloading files is available to you once you join our mailing list according to our fair usage policy. You can request any number of files, but we ask you to wait until each requested file is delivered to your email where you can verify and download it before requesting other files. Riable allows visitors to request up to three files at the same time. Once you request three files, you will have to wait for a few minutes before you can request additional files.
 Q.I have joined the mailing list, but did not receive any emails?  A. Depending on the load of our server, it will send the required files via email. The time to send each email ranges from a few seconds up to an hour. If more than an hour has passed, please try the following:
  1. Make sure to whitelist in your email, and check for your Junk Mail for any messages from us.
  2. Request the file again.
  3. If the problem persists, please do contact us.

 Q. What about unsubscribing from mailing list?  A.In order to get files and links from our Riable, you need to register and become subscribed. Unless we are working on a new project or course, we usually send newsletters with updated guides, lessons, articles, and other resources that might be of interest to our community about once a month. We always aim to provide a better service and would like to hear feedback on how to make this better for our community.
Once you receive email(s) from us, you are able to edit your mailing preferences including your name, language, and subscription status via a special link provided at the bottom of our emails.

 Q. I have not received any emails from Riable?  A.Similar to the question above, please check your Junk mail folder.
 Q. I have joined the mailing list, but I am being asked to join again.  A.Mostly this problem is caused by using a new device or browser to access other than the one used during registration, and does not mean that you are un-registered from our mailing list. In this case, kindly refill same info and email you have used previously.
 Q. I have another question or problem, or I have feedback?  A.You can contact us via this link.