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Why get a consultation from Riable?

If you are an entrepreneur with an idea or you are leading an emerging startup, getting the right advice is one of the most important aspects for success for your project, as it puts you on the right path to build The right Business Model for your business, or it helps you develop a feasibility study or marketing plan for the startup/ idea so that it becomes a reality.

Rafat Abushaban Rafat Abushaban

Startups usually get an edge for their diversity and being out of the ordinary, but in emerging markets this becomes more of a struggle especially in countries and locations lacking the proper infrastructure, online payment systems, and the difficulty of competing in a nearly-saturated market. If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned then rest assured, you are not alone.

We can help you grow your startup step-by-step

Riable platform offers you with the advice and guidance via a live session with Rafat Abushaban , founder of Riable and has more than 10 years of experience in startup development, e-business and crowdfunding, and as a mentor for a number of startups. He has spoke for conferences and events on in the MENA region and overseas.
Rafat holds a Masters degree from the United Kingdom in Business Systems Management and has authored a range of publications and research articles. He has also taught academic classes and courses for postgraduates and university students on topics related to e-business, startup finances, marketing and business modeling. His focus are starups in emerging markets, business strategies, disruption, service level management, and crowdfunding.
During his career, Rafat has worked with various incubators, accelerators and emerging communities in Palestine, the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, the United States and the United Kingdom, and is currently a director of a Startup Grind chapter, and a certified author at Wamda, as well as being one of the influencing individuals of 2015.

training 100s
training hours online and face-to-face
speaker 10+
Conferences and events Rafat has spoken to
experience 10+
Years of on-hands experience.

Rafat has worked from 2018 to date as an evaluator in the global technology and innovation competition SXSW in the United States, where a committee of specialists participates in screening and evaluating emerging and fast-growing startups to win a pitch deck for investors aiming to secure series A/B funding, enabling Rafat raise his advisory and critical advisory knowledge in various fields including artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and various technologies, in addition to being a regional coordinator and member of the Chartered British Computing Institute (BCS) and the IEEE. More details via this link.

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Our free consultation and other services

Because of our deep belief in the importance of the role of entrepreneurs in today's day and time, we provide resources, courses and advice available to the public professionally and free of charge, because we understand that entrepreneurs may have limited resources and difficulty in obtaining useful advice. But at the same time, we also understand the need for some specialized entrepreneurs for more specialized consulting services that we offer you at competitive prices.

Below is a table explaining the features of each type of counseling we provide so that you can book the most suitable service for you that meets your startup needs. In the event that you are not sure of which service suits you better, you can book a free call to get our recommendation on the what suits the nature of your work. You can rest assured that our service will help you achieve what you want as we provide a refund (Money-back Guarantee) in case you did not benefit from advice provided (subject to terms).

 Quick CallAdvanced ConsultancyAdvanced Followup
Idea development advice✓✓✓
Business Model and Income Streams followup
Market and Feasibility evaluation
A step-by-step plan for the startup buildup----✓
Number of sessions124
Duration per session 15 Min.1 Hour1 Hour
Price(One time only)
 $ 40 
$ 30
 $ 75 
$ 50
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  • If the service is satisfactory for you, you can request your money back according to our Money-back Guarantee subject to terms below.
  • All offers are presented subject to terms below.

Service terms

The service provided consists of a virtual Internet call (Utilizing Skype or Zoom), which includes consulting about startups and idea validation. If you are interested in booking any of the previous services, you can expect the following:

  • Business and Financial consultancy.
  • Market and Industry advice.
  • Consulting related to developing sources of income and market entry.
  • Consulting on using online tools and services to develop your startup.

The service is also limited, and if you expect any of the following items, the service we provide will not be suitable for you- including the following:

  • Certified legal advice.
  • Accounting and auditing advice.
  • Offer a way for fast money or guaranteed success.
  • Consulting projects or ideas that trade in or deal with prohibited or banned materials and / or activities.

Also, if you book any of our services, this means that you implicitly agree to all terms of use and terms of our privacy policy. Details of these conditions can be found through the following links:

Terms of Money-back Guarantee

In the event that you have booked a paid service, you can request a refund of your money if you find that the service and advice provided do not suit your business. This can be done under the following conditions (all conditions below must be fulfilled for a refund be approved):

  • Send an e-mail in a clear format asking for service cancellation and a refund of the amount paid, with an explanation of the reason for canceling the service. You can contact us via email from this page.
  • No more than 7 days have passed since the service has been purchased.
  • Still have sessions remaining in you balance, so if you have used up all of your consultancy sessions you cannot request a refund.
  • Funds are only returned to Paypal accounts. We apologize for not being able to return funds to other payment systems or direct bank accounts.
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