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How does the advanced consultancy help you?

Rafat Abushaban Rafat Abushaban

The advanced consulting consists of two sessions aimed at helping you improve and develop your idea and business model, in addition to contributing to the development and improvement of your startup in general and getting customized advice that suits the nature of your business and its work environment. This is done by holding two (online) meetings, each one hour long, in order to deliver the desired value to you and your startup.

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What this consultation consists of:

This service consists of two (online) meetings distributed as follows:

  • A first session of 1 full hour, aimed at understanding the details of the startup and its stage of growth, evaluating the business model and revenue streams, in addition to evaluating and developing the business idea.
  • A second session of 1 full hour, with a look in-depth at the nine sections of your business model and improving the connections between each of its components, while reviewing the marketing and feasibility plans.

Below is a summary of the advanced counseling features we offer. In the event that you are not sure of the nature of the service that best suits you, you can book a free call to suggest what suits the nature of your startup. You can rest assured that our service will help you achieve what you want as we provide a Money-back guarantee in case you did not benefit from Advice provided (as per terms below).

Summary of provided services
Idea development advice✓
Business Model and Income Streams followup
Market and Feasibility evaluation
Number of sessions2
Duration per session1 hour
Price  $ 40 
$ 30
Subject to terms and money-back guarantee policy below.


Pay to book your sessions now:

Book your sessions now and we will contact you via e-mail to book a time slot that suits you for the two sessions. Please keep the following points in mind when paying:

  • You can expect to contact us within three (3) days of receiving the payment.
  • Please follow your e-mail that you specify in the field below, and not necessarily according to the email registered within our mailing list, as we use the e-mail attached to the payment details to communicate with you.
  • Price is final and includes tax and any additional relevant costs.
  • If you are facing any difficulties in paying or booking your sessions please refer to Frequently Asked Questions section or Contact Us.

By paying now you will be charged $30, and it also means that you adhere to the terms of service below.

Service terms

The service provided consists of a virtual Internet call (Utilizing Skype or Zoom), which includes consulting about startups and idea validation. If you are interested in booking any of the previous services, you can expect the following:

  • Business and Financial consultancy.
  • Market and Industry advice.
  • Consulting related to developing sources of income and market entry.
  • Consulting on using online tools and services to develop your startup.

The service is also limited, and if you expect any of the following items, the service we provide will not be suitable for you- including the following:

  • Certified legal advice.
  • Accounting and auditing advice.
  • Offer a way for fast money or guaranteed success.
  • Consulting projects or ideas that trade in or deal with prohibited or banned materials and / or activities.

Also, if you book any of our services, this means that you implicitly agree to all terms of use and terms of our privacy policy. Details of these conditions can be found through the following links:

Terms of Money-back Guarantee

In the event that you have booked a paid service, you can request a refund of your money if you find that the service and advice provided do not suit your business. This can be done under the following conditions (all conditions below must be fulfilled for a refund be approved):

  • Send an e-mail in a clear format asking for service cancellation and a refund of the amount paid, with an explanation of the reason for canceling the service. You can contact us via email from this page.
  • No more than 7 days have passed since the service has been purchased.
  • Still have sessions remaining in you balance, so if you have used up all of your consultancy sessions you cannot request a refund.
  • Funds are only returned to Paypal accounts. We apologize for not being able to return funds to other payment systems or direct bank accounts.