About Riable

Salam there,

This is Rafat Abushaban, founder of Riable.

Riable is an online platform offering a rich source of information on the emerging startup world to inspire and educate aspiring and established entrepreneurs, business owners, investing enthusiasts, and techies.

The platform

Today in a post-COVID world, entrepreneurship is a hot topic as many are finding themselves seeking innovative approaches to overcome the recession and create their own businesses, and planning their own future. The pandemic has made the world go digital, seek new solutions to live, learn, and do business.
However, the means of launching a startup or sustaining one are not readily available for those in emerging and developing markets, and for good reasons. Some have language barriers, while others simply find difficulty in reaching authentic relevant sources to understand business concepts and tools to help them plan their way around.


Riable distinguishes itself as a multilingual independent business and startup source where you can find an authentic source of knowledge for business, finance, marketing, sales and personal development terminology tailored to those in emerging markets; as well as a place to learn about new trends and methods via our articles and course sections.

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The name "Riable"

The name "Riable" stems from a mix of two words, First is in Arabic "Riyada ريادة" meaning Entrepreneurship and/or Leadership, and the second is in English "Blend". This conveys the variety of resources and sectors covered by our platform for all of our targeted audience,and appealing to a diversified audiences and subscribers of over 45 countries from all around the world.

Main services:

  • Essential and advanced-level online courses: The platform offers courses and resources in several disciplines tackling the launch and management of startups and small businesses in a scientific and applied methodology targeting entrepreneurs who have the ambition to launch new endeavors, those who are established and wish to advance their businesses, and even students and researchers interested in the field of entrepreneurship in emerging markets and the MENA region.
  • Startup Explore: an online glossary of startup and business terms in various sectors (Business, Marketing, Finance, Sales, and Personal Development) that is simplified and explained plainly with summaries and examples for each topic.
  • Articles and cross posts of ideas on trending and hot topics in the world of startups, focusing on startups from Palestine, the MENA region, and beyond.
  • Advisory and one-on-one coaching: For specialists and entrepreneurs who are developing their startups and are in need of dedicated advice and coaching services, we provide assistance in setting the business and the business model on the right track for success.



Some may have noticed that the look, feel, and functionality of our platform is different than they are used to. This is because of our in-house Content Management System and Engine (RPX) that powers up the platform in multiple language interfaces and its different functionalities including visitor followup, content creation, and mailing list management. Follow this link if interested to learn more and use RPX for your own website.

My story in a nutshell

For over 10 years, I have worked as a specialist and trainer in e-Businesses, Startup Development, and Crowdfunding; and was a speaker in a number of conferences and events in the MENA region and overseas.
I have been an Advisory Board Member at South by South West accelerator (SXSW) in the US from 2018-2021, where I help select amazing startups to pitch in front of VCs annually to get series A and series B funding, and I am a regional coordinator and professional member of the Chartered British Institute for IT (BCS) and the IEEE.
Throughout my professional career I have worked with multiple incubators, accelerators, and startup communities in Palestine, the UAE, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, the US, and the UK. I serve as the Director at Startup Grind Gaza chapter, and has been an accredited author on Wamda .
In the academic vein, I hold a UK master's degree in Business and have authored a collection of research publications and articles on Crowdfunding and Service Level Management. I have taught academic classes and full courses for post-graduates and under-graduates on subjects relating to e-Business, startup investments, startup marketing and inception, growth and business modeling. My areas of research focus relate to Growth in Emerging Markets, Business Strategies, Disruptive Technologies, Service Level Management, and Crowdfunding. More info via this link.

Rafat Abushaban

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